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Post by Ian Valentino on Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:33 pm

I have disappointing news. HiGuy and Jeff have quit MBE2, effectively shutting it down. I will tell you what my plans were so to prevent some theft of concept.

Here's an order of events...

We were very excited with MBE2 and we had a winning staff. We knew with what we had, we could have made a game, almost as good, or better than PQ. We had some very good ideas.

I had band camp for a few weeks, and in my 2 weeks of inactivity, Jeff and HiGuy threatened to quit MBE2 because of the lack of my progress. Meanwhile, I had still been waiting on codes from them. I have known Jeff and HiGuy to talk about me behind my back for a long time, but this crossed a line. Mind you, they knew that the game had huge potential. Apparently they don't care.

That threat had been dealt with, and they promised everything was fine. They worked on the game, and I actively discussed game features and such. Today, I woke up to finding out that Jeff and HiGuy had quit the mod. Apparently, and this was never brought to my attention, I was being "too much of a perfectionist" and they got fed up. I was never told I was doing something wrong. I would have worked to adjust my view on things if I was approached about it. In the previous threat, I was not doing enough, and now they have left because I am determined to have a successful mod.

MBE2 was going to be my last ta-da. My brain child, with a bunch of concepts brought to life by HiGuy and Jeff, and a wonderful level team. And it's not just for me. It was going to be a huge. Huge. addition to the community. Without a proficient coder... MBE2 is nothing.

I will never work with Jeff or HiGuy on a significant project again. I also plan to join a mod and contribute. I have been proven too many times, that how ever hard I will try, success will be swiped away from me. I am disappointed, and truly sobered. I have lost for the last time.

List of MBE2 Planned Features

Perhaps the biggest feature was working multiplayer. We have been hiding the fact that multiplayer is indeed very much possible. I have a build right now with a clock that counts down, I can see other players, see scores, there is no "ghost" and all that was left is to add more and more polishing. They had accomplished the impossible. I am sure they will be making a multiplayer mod now, as they quit MBE2. Not to mention the fact that they will probably add features that I have been pushing against because of the "gimmick" quality of them.

We also planned adventure mode:

The basic allure of Marble Blast Emerald 2 is the complete revolution of the game to make it more of an RPG. You go around in an area and complete quests (levels). Each quest will yield you money and experience upon completion. After you complete a set number of quests in an area, you unlock another area.


Addition to Main Menu: "Adventure Mode"

If you are playing for the first time, the button takes you through a player creation: Username, Choose a default marble, etc.

When you hit the button (assuming you made your profile), you are taken to a Map. Above the map is displayed your Username, a picture of your marble, and your current funds. You are also given a shop and a total reset button. You can hit the shop button or hit a location on the map to go to that area. The reset button creates a new profile and resets your progress. Your times are still saved for viewing in a different Game mode. If you click the marble in your profile, you go to the marble select screen.

Each map location is a large level. When you roll near a location in the level, a box appears showing best times, and other information about a quest. You can hit "A" to accept the quest, or roll away, and the box will disappear.

If you accept a quest, you will be teleported into a new level. It will be very similar to the area you were just in. (If you were in a city, you might go into a building level, if you were in a farm, you might go into a barn, etc.)

The first time you complete a quest, you gain experience and money. You can also gain extra experience for beating the Emerald Time. (Name subject to change)

Once you complete 75% of the quests in an area, you unlock the next area.

The Shop Details

With coins added from completing quests, you can buy a number of items for use in Adventure mode. Some of these unlocks are just used in Adventure Mode.

You can buy marbles, Main Menu themes, Music, Unlimited Jetpack for use in areas, Map Designs, Pets, Marble Effects, and more!

and for people who wanted to opt-out of adventure mode:

An alternative to playing levels if you do not want to play Adventure Mode.


Addition to Main Menu: Classic Mode

You will have to create a profile before playing this mode as well. The profiles are shared, but money is not used in Classic mode. You can always see and edit your profile from the Main Menu.

Upon Clicking Classic Mode, you see this:

PlayMission Layout
It's Over. Layout12

Everything on the right is self explanatory. On the left you see a bar. It would list things like "Race Mode, Hunt Mode, All Levels" When you click on a category, you are shown a different GUI that shows you a large picture of the level.

Level Select Layout
It's Over. Layout11

You can scroll through the pictures. The level and author name is below the image. when your mouse is over the image, you are also shown the Description and Best times. The play button would be located above the image. The double arrows are the First and Last Buttons. All levels are unlocked.

Times are shared between adventure mode and classic mode, and so is experience. The Experience System will be explained in another post. Classic mode can only earn you experience and record times. There is no shop and no money system. So, you can only unlock (and use) the shop items in adventure mode.

We also had a marble selector that was very much like Marble Blast Ultra's. You could see a live preview of your marble inside a level, without the pesky loading and testing.

Our experience feature:
The Use of Experience

When you gain experience, you get closer to leveling up. Leveling up will gain you not only a number, but a few perks along the way.

Levels and Perks

Level 0 - No Profile Created - All game modes locked.
Level 1 - New Profile - Tutorial Unlocked.
Level 2 - Game modes unlocked.
Level 3 - None
Level 10 - MBE1 Marble Pack unlocked
Level 15 - Radio Dialogue Available
Level 99 - Professional - Everything unlocked. Given special level.

Earning Experience

You can earn experience through:

Completing levels.
Beating Emerald times.
Unlocking Awards. (Hidden awards that the user receives when he completes a task. i.e. Finish a level in 13.37 seconds.)
Completing Challenges. (Special awards that take time to complete. i.e. Finish 25 levels with the chain marble.)

Those are all the big features, but we still had so much more left to plan. I very much so frown down upon HiGuy and Jeff today, as they, and they alone have killed MBE2.

I apologize.

Ian Valentino

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It's Over. Empty Re: It's Over.

Post by rct3fan00 on Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:52 pm

I am sorry to hear all of this disappointing news. I'm gone for 2 weeks tops... and I was very shocked when I read this. Sorry to hear all of this Ian. I was looking forward to this mod. I knew you were to. Too bad things don't always turn out the way they're suppose to. Hope you stay in the community. Wish you luck.


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