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Post by Ian Valentino on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:13 pm

Ancient Greece Roleplay

What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is a story-writing game where you play as a character (or multiple characters) and write short prose explaining what your character is doing, saying, and so on. You can have in depth political arguments leading to reform of a nation or plan an underground group to assassinate a leader. The possibilities are endless, and you get to shape the world and the political nature around you. Romance is not out of the question either (if a female character presents itself) and you can have romantic scenes, even. Please, keep it PG-13, and if you are going to have characters have sex, please keep the info to a bare minimum, and perhaps even just … imply the action. You get what I mean.

How can I start?

Before You Jump In…

Before you start posting and making a character, you should read all of the posts below this one to read all of the current back-story and news. You can read up on all of the current events and characters that are already in the world of our roleplay. You don’t want to go in and post about the Trojan War, if it happened 600 years prior to the current events of the roleplay.

Starting a Character

You can join in the fun by going to the “Create a Character” board, and filling out a form for your new character in Ancient Greece. Once you’ve filled out an application, and posted in the board, you can go to another board to continue your journey!

Getting Active

Now you should head over to the Locations Board, where you can visit many of the locations of Athens, Greece or even places outside of that (if your character is there. Don’t post in Athens, and then post in Persia. You can’t teleport.) There will most likely already be conversations occurring in the location, so you can either just enter, ignoring the current conversation, (let trouble come to you) or actively join in the discussion. Be careful though, discussions could become arguments in a split second! Don’t go in too aggressively, or you might get hurt!

How To Post

Be sure when posting to write like you would read in a book. Write in 3rd person, and make sure it is clear what character is speaking and acting. In addition, follow these 3 Golden Rules:

1. Do not put words or actions into others’ mouths. You are not them.
2. You are not superman, so you can’t just do whatever you want. Be realistic.
3. If you have multiple favorites, try not to have them automatically team up. Work them as separate people. They aren’t the same character, so they shouldn’t act like one.


If you do want to battle with another character, please indicate which character is battling, and who they wish to battle. A roleplay moderator (Brenton and Ian) will wait for the opponent’s response. They may attempt to run away (which still may fail) or they may stay and fight. Once the response is given, we will do the calculations to see what the injuries or deaths are.


We do not have a dedicated money system in the roleplay. If you are trying to purchase something important (say, a legendary sword) then your character must clearly have that kind of money. (Unless you stole it!) You can barter / haggle with others, and such, but just, again, be realistic. You aren’t superman. (Golden Rule #2)

The rest is straight forward. You can talk, argue, and struggle. Any major decisions (like war outcomes, election outcomes, and public opinions) will be decided by the Roleplay Moderators, and posted in the Backstory and Information thread. (This one.)

If you have any questions, please post in the Q&A thread. We would love to help you understand or settle a quarrel there. Enjoy the Ancient Greece Roleplay!

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Back Story, Rules, and Information Empty Back Story - June 28th

Post by Ian Valentino on Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:25 pm


In the year 501 B.C., tumult [loud noise, chaos] stirred about the ancient Greek states as war with the mighty Persian Empire seemed inevitable. The Persians have soured the spirits of our allies in Ionia; rebellion is evidently in the offing [coming very shortly]. Unwavering in its course, the prospects of war loom about the states. The stress was able to facilitate public unrest with ease as defiant leaders such a Pericles of Athens refuse to ally themselves with their barbarous rivals. The current citizenry defies any alterations in their life-style. The governments look to philosophers to support their call for unity, but with specious freedom, conflicts surely will arise from national interests and ideological disagreements. Pericles calls for YOU to support or deny his call for a Greek Republic, but your nations think his idea imperialistic and want either insurance for their fair representation or the total destruction of Athenian influence...

The Rundown:

Current Time Period : Year 501 B.C.

All current characters are Greek, born and raised in Athens, Greece upon creation.

There is current unrest between the city-states of Greece. These city-states are separate governments, yet unified in a quickly approaching war with the Persians.

There is a conflict in the government system of Greece. Pericles wants to form a Greek Republic, overthrowing the separate lifestyles of the current city states, yet the governments do not want to be overthrown by the growing rebellion.

Daily life would probably consist of much talking about the upcoming war and political and philosophical views. As well as underground plans to overthrow the current governments or destroy the rebellion.

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